Stakez Capital partnering with Atom Foundation

Partnership announcement

Stakez Capital is very pleased to announce a partnership with Atom Foundation, the liquidity ecosystem. They are the umbrella above ten decentralized finance (DeFI) products.

The team’s leadership which includes Yoda Regev and Kyle White formulate DAOs with a combined $400B+ market cap worth of team experience remotely based around the world. Atom Foundation is a multi-award winning company, including a $1,000,000 “Best Startup in the World” prize in 2018 during a worldwide competition between 4,000 startups and 196 countries, winner of the Disruptive Startup Award at Stanford University in 2019 by a panel of Google, SoftBank, Bain Capital, Thomson Reuters, Stanford Angels, BMW, Andreessen, NEA, and other top VC Funds, first place for the Disruptor Daily “Blockchain in Real Estate” Disruptor Award, and the most promising venture from the Carnegie Mellon University US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association.

In addition to Draper Venture Network inclusion, Atom Foundation’s prestigious advisory group includes Nobel Prize Winners, the previous Chairman of the SEC, the previous Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ, founder of Visa, the previous Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of State, Founder of CIS, the CFO of Yahoo, the co-creator of Bitcoin’s prototype and other luminaries.

Two products have already gone to market: Jointer(53x) and bSwap(10x). Two other products are on the verge of launch: Degen swap and Smartswap.Exchange. Furthermore they have six products still in development:

  • Freeze crypto
  • Element Zero Network
  • Zero/1 social currency
  • Mass Investments

Atom Foundation’s main goal is to improve liquidity access to digital and traditionally illiquid assets with one click in and one click out. Their ecosystem will support solutions for real estate, decentralized claimless insurance, social currencies, venture capital, loans, cross chain networks blockchain and other financial instruments.

Atom Foundation is solving everyday frustration for investors. They make investing easy with their 1-click approach and fair in use by allowing investors to take more control over their funds. — Stephanie Nijssen, Stakez Capital

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