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2 min readApr 10, 2021
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We bet you have seen it comming. The world is changing due to the development of blockchain. New visionairs and builders are standing up to create and shape a future that seemed like a futuristic movie two decades ago.

Stakez Capital believes in those builders and visionairs who transform our definition of the ‘normal’ centralized way into a redefined decentralized world.

Accelerating innovation

As you see throughout the history innovation is exponentially speeding up. This means that developing change is rappidly accelerating. That‘s one of the reasons why we think investing is more then providing capital.

For example this acceleration of innovation is snowballing the adoption curve. The technology adoption curve is getting narrower. That means that the roll-out of a startup and its products must go quickly in order to succeed in the market.

Now it’s our turn. Because your success is our success.

We are a talented group of investors who can help with making an investment in your blockchain project. Our pack leader is a winner of multiple awards in journalism related to innovation. Furthermore, we can add extra value using our knowledge in PR and we can serve as a sparring partner in the field of marketing, social media and community activities.

Moreover, we are always open to other requests. Our network reaches in different kinds of disciplines. Meaning that we can probably assist in many ways.

Interested in a collaboration? Let’s talk!



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